Top Doctor Slams Bengal Government On Adenovirus

'Deaths Underreported': Top Doctor Slams Bengal Government On Adenovirus

The doctor raised concern that the situation has turned serious. (Representational)


Lashing out at the West Bengal government over the Adenovirus spreading among children in the state, Dr Manas Gumta, general secretary of the Association of Health Service Doctors alleged that the West Bengal government “underreported” the number of deaths caused by infection of the virus.

“This we had seen earlier also during the time of Covid. The government is not fully transparent in reporting the number of deaths due to Adenovirus,” Dr Gumta said.

He also said that the infections due to Adeno or Covid are “internationally notifiable”, which means the government or World Health Organisation are accountable to report it.

Dr Gumta also said that the preparations, done by the West Bengal government [to tackle its spread] are inadequate and that it has not learned a lesson from Covid.

“The preparations by the West Bengal government are inadequate. Earlier, due to the government’s lack of preparedness in times of Covid, many people died, there was an oxygen crisis, ambulances fell short, and medicines and critical care unit (CCU) ward everything ran short,” he said.

“Now, Adenovirus has come after Covid, and the government has still not apprised us regarding preparations which are leading to children getting infected and scores of deaths,” he added.

The doctor raised concerns and said that the situation has now turned serious.

“All the children are not getting beds in the hospital. CCU is not available to them, the overall situation has turned serious now,” he said.

“The reports of deaths that we have now [Not of the government], in that over 100 children have already died this means the situation has become tensed now,” the doctor added.

He said that out of 6-7 pediatric deaths, 30 per cent showed Adenovirus symptoms.

However, to stop the spread of Adenovirus, Dr Gumta advised that Covid-appropriate behaviour would be helpful in stopping its spread.

“The same precautions we took during Covid, like wearing face masks, washing hands with soap at regular intervals, avoiding crowded places, etc, are needed to prevent Adenovirus also,” he said.

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