Surprising! Asteroid strikes introduced water on Mars, says examine

A brand new examine has revealed that the water on Mars will not be indigenous and will have been dropped at the planet by way of a collection of asteroid strikes.

As scientists have been exploring Mars by way of the superb know-how onboard the NASA Curiosity Rover, the idea that asteroids and meteorites performed an enormous position within the planet’s improvement is getting stronger. Whereas conclusive proof for these recommendations haven’t been discovered but, many research have come out highlighting how the present proof factors in direction of extraterrestrial evolution. A examine launched earlier this yr claimed that life on Mars may have begun on account of asteroids that introduced primitive unicellular organisms to the purple planet. And now, a brand new examine has shockingly claimed that even the water on the planet was delivered by way of a collection of asteroid strikes.

The examine was revealed within the Science Advances journal and centered on the crust of Mars to determine whether or not the existence of water was native or had extraterrestrial roots. The premise of this speculation is evaluation of 31 area rocks from Mars which were found on Earth. These had been water-rich carbonaceous asteroids which had been most likely giant sufficient to fill out a big lake.

Asteroid strikes may have introduced water to Mars

The examine means that the water was current on the asteroids as stable ice. However as soon as it struck the purple planet, sufficient warmth was launched to immediately soften the ice and create water. If a number of such asteroids would affect Mars, it could possibly be the first supply of water by creating a worldwide ocean about 300 meters deep. However the principle doesn’t cease there. It additionally means that water on Earth may have been introduced right here the identical means.

However sadly this postulate can’t be investigated additional. “The commentary that water-rich asteroids bombarded Mars implies that there might also have been a contribution to Earth, however that is tough to quantify. Not like Mars, Earth has plate tectonics and the early document of our planet’s historical past has been erased,” Martin Bizzarro, a cosmochemist on the College of Copenhagen in Denmark and a co-author on the brand new analysis, informed

However Mars is completely different as a result of it retains its historic crust even right this moment. And that is why scientists had been capable of conduct checks to confirm their claims. Surprisingly, they discovered abundances of chromium-54 and chromium-53 on the crust of Mars, constituents which intently resemble a meteorite referred to as Renazzo. This meteorite contained about 10 % of its body-weight in water. Whereas it’s nonetheless not sufficient to be conclusive, it does open up new prospects for Mars, and perhaps for even Earth.

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