Shazam 2 trailer alert: Director David F Sandberg asks fans not to watch the trailer because it reveals spoilers | English Movie News

The Shazam 2 trailer out on television has been slammed by the director of the film, David F Sandberg, himself. He has warned fans that the trailer contains major spoilers. The trailer is already playing out on television and has been widely shared on twitter by fans of the Shazam franchise film.
The news is that the trailer has given away a major spoiler pertaining to the appearance of a major DC Universe hero. The first few seconds of the trailer show Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman striding across the screen, saying, “Stick to saving the world, kid.”
The director has put up a tweet and has asked fans not to see the trailer on TV. His tweet reads, “Well there’s some big Shazam spoilers out there now. If you want to go in fresh, maybe don’t be online or watch tv with ads… Pretty good advice in general actually.”

The tweet was reposted by Zachary Levi to ensure it gets through to fans. The revelation that Gal Gadot is back as Wonder Woman in the new Shazam film has come as a surprise to many. The news from DC was that Wonder Woman 3 was not going to be made in the near future, but with the popular character appearing in the trailer of the new film, it seems that she is back sooner than expected!

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