NASA warns of hazardous asteroid hurtling dangerously near Earth TODAY

Asteroid menace is looming over Earth immediately! Might this area rock impression the floor? Know what NASA has to say.

In case you’ve ever questioned if asteroids have ever impacted the Earth, then you definitely’d be amazed to know that every year, a vehicle-sized asteroid hits Earth’s environment, creating an enormous fireball though it burns up earlier than reaching the floor. An asteroid the dimensions of a soccer area hits Earth and causes important injury to the realm involved roughly each 2000 years. In case you’re questioning about planet-killing asteroids, they arrive alongside solely as soon as each few million years. And lots of are of the view that one such killer asteroid is due.

In the intervening time, NASA has warned that one other asteroid is on its means in direction of Earth and though it won’t be a planet killer, it might nonetheless trigger localized injury if it impacts the floor, if it may possibly handle to outlive the fiery passage by way of the Earth’s environment.

Asteroid 2022 VL5 info

In keeping with NASA, the asteroid, named Asteroid 2022 VL5 by NASA’s Middle for Close to Earth Object Research, is anticipated to make its closest method to Earth immediately, November 15, at a distance of simply 3.2 million kilometers. This aircraft-sized asteroid, with a width of almost 76 ft, is zooming in direction of Earth at a blistering velocity of 29289 kilometers per hour. Nonetheless, you might be relieved as it’s not anticipated to impression the planet.

In keeping with, the Asteroid 2022 VL5 was found only a week in the past on November 9. It belongs to the Apollo group of asteroids and takes simply 12 months to orbit the Solar, which is strikingly just like Earth’s orbit. Throughout this journey, its most distance from the Solar is 191 million kilometers and minimal distance is 108 million kilometers.

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