Arbaaz Khan talks about how Hindi cinema has changed from inside | Hindi Movie News

Bollywood actor Arbaaz Khan, who hosts the chat show ‘The Invincibles’, recently shared how the Hindi film industry has undergone certain changes for good.
He told IANS: “Change is a constant process, there cannot be one solution that will set everything right once and for all. It’s the change that has helped our cinema evolve. There’s more professionalism compared to the 1990s. Earlier, actors used to work on seven to eight films simultaneously in a year. Today, there are bound scripts given to every department, table reading sessions so that everyone is at the same page, literally and figuratively while making the film or a series. So this has changed today.”

Arbaaz is son of screenwriter Salim Khan of the Salim-Javed duo, who are known to have changed the face of Indian cinema and have brought more respect for writers. He is better known as the brother of Salman Khan.
The actor added: “The filmmaking process has become far more streamlined, there are dedicated departments that cater to problem-solving on a daily front while a film is being made all the way up to its release. Work ethics have changed for the good. There is a sense of security for actors, the actors today focus on one project and give it dedicated time to help it reach its full potential compared to how it used to be earlier.”
‘The Invincibles’ is available to stream on YouTube channel of Bollywood Bubble.

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