Anushka Sharma opens up about juggling between her comeback film, ‘Chakda Xpress’ after birth of Vamika and her role as a new mother | Hindi Movie News

Anushka Sharma recently revealed that she barely found time to spend with daughter Vamika while she was shooting for her film, ‘Chakda Xpress’
“The entire last year went into filming Chakda. I’d finish shooting and would have only that much time to spend time with my daughter, feed her dinner, and follow her night-time routine, and go to bed early soon after her. I don’t think I found time to do anything else. I’m okay to do more movies but only if it’s worth taking my time out and if it makes sense. I don’t want to do movies just to stay in the game – I’m very clear about that. It would have to be a film like Chakda,” Anushka told Grazia India.

The actress also spoke about how she does everything for Vamika. She also revealed that her darling daughter is ‘turning into a secure individual’ as a result. Talking about the same, Anushka added, “It has internally made me a far more self-assured individual – I feel I’m way more confident as a person. It’s a very real thing, caring for another human – and putting the child first in everything. I want to mention this – that it’s so important to have this connection with your child. I’m so hands on and I do everything for her, and I enjoy doing it, so the bond is very special. I feel that she’s turning into a secure individual, and I’m happy about that.”
‘Chakda Xpress’ is based on the life of cricketer Jhulan Goswami. The film will be released on an OTT platform.

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