Adnan Sami Calls Andhra Chief Minister “Regional Minded Frog”, Clarifies

Adnan Sami Calls Andhra Chief Minister 'Regional Minded Frog', Clarifies

Many accused the singer of using indecent language for Mr Reddy.

India scripted history yesterday with two wins at Oscars 2023. SS Rajamouli’s ‘RRR’ won the award for best original song for ‘Naatu Naatu’ and Guneet Monga’s ‘The Elephant Whispers’ won the award for the best documentary (short). People across the country are celebrating the win. Many on the internet lauded the recognition received by the Indian cinema. 

Amid the cheers and success, musician Adnan Sami has come under fire for comparing Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy to a “frog in a pond” in a tweet expressing his appreciation for the Oscar-winning movie.

Mr Reddy took to Twitter yesterday to wish the team of ‘RRR’ on their success. He said that he was proud that a Telugu song received international recognition. “The #Telugu flag is flying higher! I’m filled with pride on a Telugu song, that so beautifully celebrates our folk heritage, being given its due recognition internationally today. @ssrajamouli, @tarak9999, @AlwaysRamCharan and @mmkeeravaani have truly redefined excellence! Congratulations to @ssrajamouli, @tarak9999, @AlwaysRamCharan, @mmkeeravaani, @boselyricist, #PremRakshit, @kaalabhairava7, @Rahulsipligunj and the entire team of @RRRMovie. Thank you for making me, crores of Telugu people across the world and all Indians incredibly proud!” he said on the microblogging site.

However, the musician expressed his displeasure over the tweet and accused the Andhra Pradesh CM of creating a “regional divide” in the country. Mr Sami tweeted, “What a regional minded frog in a pond who can’t think about the ocean because it’s beyond his tiny nose!! Shame on you for creating regional divides & unable to embrace or preach national pride! Jai HIND!!”

This did not go well with the internet and many accused the singer of using indecent language for Mr Reddy.

“A Telugu song won and a Telugu person felt proud.. why are you so rattled?” said a user.

“Shame on you cry like this He didn’t create any regional divides, you are the one who is cribbing and creating devides. RRR is a Telugu movie and won by Telugu people !! he is the CM of Telugu State, hence he is proud of it !! nothing here to insult the nation!” said another user. 

A third person said, “What’s your problem Mr. Naturalised citizen! What do you know about union of India! Just because you applied and became citizen you think you became authority in dictating terms to us?  India is India because of union of states.His linguistic pride is not divisive.”

“What gave this man the audacity to shame a Chief Minister of a state like this? I mean who even is he? What does this jerk even know about Dravidian people? IMBECILE,” commented another person.

“Not at all Adnan…He’s a regional leader and is celebrating the achievement of his State. Does not make him any less Indian. It’s important for regional cinema to come out of the shadows of Bollywood which mostly celebrates Hindi / Urdu. Allow us our time in the sun,” added a user.

Later, Mr Sami issued a clarification for his tweet and said that he never meant to disrespect any particular language. “My issue has never been about the language. My issue has been very simple… All languages, regardless of their origin & dialect are ultimately under the one umbrella of being INDIAN FIRST & then anything else- That’s all! I have sung innumerable songs in regional languages with the same effort & respect equally for all…” he said.

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