Apple iMac with 5K Retina Display (2019): Tech

Is America’s love of mobile apps and the Apple iPhone leaving room for the iMac, the universal computer that has firmly established Apple as one of the most iconic brands in the world?  

The latest iMac update suggests that Apple knows that the iMac is still in a good place. The new model brings a pleasant performance improvement, but nothing more. The 27-inch version reviewed here (starting at $ 1,799; tested $ 3,449) brings the most advanced components to the sophisticated but familiar PC design that hasn’t changed much since 2015. This modern classic is the only option for macOS with a large screen all in one. Fortunately, it remains great.

Enhancements all inside

New graphics options include Radeon Pro 500 series GPUs with 4 or 8 GB of video memory or Radeon Pro Vega 48 in our review. The Vega 48 is a significant upgrade because it moves the 27-inch iMac just below the entry-level iMac Pro with its Radeon Pro Vega 56. For people who need lots of graphics but don’t care about the Xeon processor, or the 27-inch iMac is a more affordable option for other high-end accessories that make up the high starting price of iMac Pro for $ 5,000.

The stand is on, the system measures 20.3 by 25.6 by 8 inches (HWD) and weighs 20.8 pounds. The stand allows you to tilt the iMac forward or backward, but as before, it does not have height adjustment. This makes it much less flexible than the coasters of the two main competitors of the iMac. The Dell XPS 27 and Microsoft Surface Studio 2 for $ 3,499.00 at Microsoft are much more flexible, withstands that even let you put them on the table.

Instead of a stand, you can choose an iMac with a pre-installed VESA mounting bracket for mounting on a wall or third-party stand. In any case, the sizes compare favorably with one of the main competitors of the iMac based on Windows – Dell XPS $ 27 1399.99 at Dell. This versatile PC is about the same size (17 by 25 by 3 inches without a stand), but due to the abundance of built-in speakers, it makes an amazing 38 pounds, which is too cumbersome to turn if you need to connect peripherals to the rear ports.

The iMac, by contrast, easily rotates with one hand on the table, which is good because all of its ports are installed at the back, along the right edge. These include four USB 3.0 Type-A ports, two oval USB Type-C ports with Thunderbolt 3 support, a Gigabit Ethernet connector, a full-sized SD card slot, a headphone jack, and a port for a power adapter.

The presence of USB Type-A ports is especially noteworthy since they are necessary for charging Apple mobile devices using the supplied power adapters but are not available on all Apple laptop models except the MacBook. The iMac also has a Kensington-style lock slot, located behind the stand, and a power button in the lower-left corner.

Conventional amazing retina display

Returning to the front panel of the iMac 2019, meanwhile, the Retina 5K display is as great a screen as before. “Retina” means different things on different Apple devices, but with a native resolution of 5120 by 2880 pixels and support for 1 billion colors, this screen is the top of the family and one of the best that can be found on any multifunction device. , The text is very clear, and the macOS Finder windows look great.

The screen was one of the major updates during the 2017 iMac update when Apple increased brightness to the current maximum of 500 nits. According to colorimetric tests conducted by PC Labs in 2017, it covers 100 percent of the sRGB spectrum, 87 percent of NTSC, and 92 percent of Adobe RGB. Now, this is the same screen, which means that Apple has decided not to add Auto White TrueTone. – balance adjustment, which is now available on some of its other products.

Apple includes the Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse 2 wireless keyboard with iMac, which can be upgraded to Magic Keyboard with a numeric keypad and Magic Trackpad 2 for an additional fee. I find peripherals as exquisitely designed as desktop candies like the rest of the iMac devices, and I understand that they come pre-charged and paired with a computer.

But they are not very convenient. The keyboard is compact and provides a very short keystroke, although not as short as the beleaguered butterfly switchboard on the MacBook Pro, which led to recalls and lawsuits. In my opinion, the mouse is too flat, it cannot be charged and used at the same time since its Lightning charging port is located on the backside.

You can make FaceTime calls using the webcam centered above the display. It provides adequate video quality, although it’s a shame that Apple has not updated its resolution to Full HD (1080p), which the iMac Pro has. There is also no way to log in using face recognition, a key feature on the iPhone, iPad and many Windows laptops and desktops.

The sound quality is excellent: iMac stereo speakers offer surround sound and surprisingly strong bass, and I listened to the Silent Shout heavy “The Knife” bass. They still don’t match the amazing sound quality of the Dell XPS 27, made possible by six front speakers and four down-speakers.

iMac i9: Better Performance

The main goal of Apple with the iMac update in 2019 is to increase productivity and judging by the results of testing PCMag, it achieved this with aplomb in the version for Core i9. Although Apple does not publish specific processor models that it publishes, the specifications it publishes suggest that the iMac uses the Intel Core i9-9900K. This is an experienced but expensive processor that sells separately for $ 499. The performance of this multi-threaded chip is also pretty well rounded. Its eight cores and 16 streams can go through end-to-end streams, such as video rendering, while its maximum clock speed of 5 GHz can attack “hectic” work processes, such as creating financial or meteorological models.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the 27-inch iMac smoked its 21-inch brother equipped with a Core i5 processor in our performance tests. I compared the two machines with XPS 27 and Surface Studio 2 with the configurations listed below

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